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Who are we

Birger Holdings – a company based in Israel, is offering companies and organizations a range of services focused on bringing products to markets. The company offers its customers its high-level relationships, contacts and networks in Central and Eastern Europe, US and India. The network covers both private and public sectors.

Mr. Gil Birger, president and CEO or Birger Holdings, has worked successfully for the past 10 years, establishing personal relationships with leading business people and political leaders around the world. Mr. Birger served up to recently as the managing partner of RSLB (Rabin, Sheves, Lipkin-Shahak and Birger) Partners Inc., a Washington based consulting group and prior to that, he served as the Economic and Trade officer at the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C. In addition, the company has established strategic alliances in the U.S., which enable it to promote lobbying and advocacy operations in Washington, DC and throughout the United States.

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